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Online Compliance Folder System

Just like the folders on your desktop computer, the HSE International Compliance Folder System lets you upload and organize multiple documents and files into an easily-accessible, cloud-based storage location. This feature gives your employees an easy and convenient way to access company documents and reports, and even lets them sign off and accept any required HR documents. The HSE International Compliance Folder System also automates expiration alerts and reassignments for time-sensitive forms and documents.


Key Features

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Sign-Off Reports

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Digital Signatures

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Mobile Compatibility


Permission Management

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Rights and Permissions





Update Management

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Document History Reports


Upload Company Documents and Policies

Once you create a new folder, you can then upload Word, PDF, or Excel documents, as well as interactive digital forms, into the feature. Once the documents are uploaded, you can set up specific rules for each document, such as access and editing permissions, digital signature requirements, affirmation statement review requests, and much more.

Assign Access Rights and Permissions

Using the advanced permission management system, administrators can assign editing and access permissions for specific folders and map out employee assignments for sign-off requirements. You can assign a folder by location, system role, company role, or a combination of location and role. For example, you can assign a specific folder to both Crane Operators and your Denver site, meaning only crane operators working at the Denver site will have access. By mapping out user access in this way, relevant folders will be instantly and automatically added to the relevant employee’s home page. Assigned folders can be accessed through the “Assigned” section, under the “Training” tab.


Employee Sign-off on Forms

The HSE International Policies and Procedures Sign-Off software can activate a Terms and Conditions button whenever a user opens a specified Word, PDF, or Excel document. Users are then prompted to read the document’s details, check the affirmation statement, and then digitally sign off to confirm they have read and/or filled out the company document. Documents will move from the ‘in progress’ section of the home page to the ‘completed section as they are filled out by the employee. If a document is updated or expires, it’s associated folder will automatically move back to the ‘assigned’ section. 


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