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HSEI Partnership Program


An innovative new approach to safety for small businesses


The HSEI Partnership Program was developed with the goal to make it easier for organizations to simply and affordably:


Build safer workplaces

Meet legislative compliance requirements

Use safety to grow business, not limit it

Making safety simple.


Workplace health and safety is a non-negotiable for your organization, but you don’t have to do it the hard way. HSE International helps you to adopt safety practices as part of your normal business operations with a solution that gives you:

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Safety on Demand

Our solution works around your skills, budget and capability.

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Tech Enabled

Our technology does the heavy lifting for you - no complex paperwork.


Action Orientated

We don’t just tell you what needs to be fixed, we also give you an action plan to get things done.


Skills Matching

We match the right consultant to the right tasks at the right time.

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Big Data

We use data to drive good decision making, with the board reports to match.

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Cost Effective

We do more for less, and can show you your safety spend at work.

How Does the HSEI Partnership Program Work?


With the help of your dedicated HSE Manager, HSE International puts your health and safety on autopilot to streamline your HSE, and automate your orientations, policies, and even employee training.


HSE International clients are 5x less likely to have a complaint filed against them.


A Powerful Tool to Support the Most Important HSE Practices for Small Businesses


Today, HSE International's Safety Software keeps over 12,000 businesses internationally compliant all year long, with up-to-date HSE policies, mandatory training, and effective, two-way communication between you and your employees.

Expert Guidance from your own Dedicated HSE Manager


Sometimes, you need the human touch. HSE International gives you a dedicated HSE Manager who helps you develop HSE policy and procedures to reach HSE compliance - regardless of your industry or geographical location.


Risk Management & HSE Problem Solving


When it comes to effective risk management - communication is the key. Your HSE Manager engages with you to create the right outcomes for your business.

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Develop HSE Policy, Procedures & Shape Company Culture


Your HSE Manager builds policies specific for your business based on legislation, industry best practice, and your unique company culture for better alignment.

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Orientations, Investigations & Navigating Regulatory Compliance


Lean on HSE International for orientations, investigations, and corrective actions - and get clarity on all your regulatory compliance questions.


Employer Coaching & Guidance

Your HSE Manager gets to know you on a first name basis and gives you full remote HSE support plus coaching where and when you need it.

Your HSE Manager is available by phone, email, or chat!

Adam Tandon

Gatik, Ontario

What are our responsibilities as a prime contractor in Ontario?


Sabrinna Waegner

CIK Power Distributors, California

What are our rights when it comes to drug testing in the workplace?


What do I do if one of my team tests positive for COVID?


Craig Croney

ATCO Group, Alberta

We just received a citation from OSHA - what are our rights?


Diana Gonzalez

Keller, North Carolina

Are safety committees legally required in North Carolina?

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HSE International's Safety Software Creates Professional Workplaces for Employees


Studies show that employees thrive with the right HSE practices in place. This benefits you, your employees, and your business. HSE International's Safety Software is already benefiting over 200,000 employees internationally.


Automating Compliance Reviews Keeps Companies on Track


People want to work at companies that are making best efforts to follow fair HSE practices and create rules-based environments.

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Understanding HSE Policy Creates Alignment


Employees do better when they understand the rules around the culture they contribute to.


Coaching Helps Employees Reach Professional Goals


Every employee deserves to know how they’re performing at their jobs and how they can perform better in their role

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In App Training Empowers Employees With Workplace Knowledge

Giving employees the tools to follow the rules increases the likelihood they do so.

Flexible plans and features. Honest pricing. No hidden fees.


The way we engage with you is entirely customisable based on the unique needs and budget of your business. We have a range of off-the-shelf and bespoke enterprise solutions that are available for businesses of all sizes operating in all industries, all over the world.

250 or more employees?


Reach out to our sales team for custom pricing to meet the needs of your growing business!

The HSE International Guarantee

Your HSE Manager will be a certified HSE professional, experienced with companies of your size, and trained in compliance and customer service. All customized HSE work is included with your fixed, monthly cost. Any additional services you desire will have a clear and upfront price. Never any hidden fees.

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Schedule a Free 30-minute Consulting Assessment Call

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