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      Creating real value by enhancing the management of risks


Risk has traditionally been viewed as something to be downplayed or avoided, with considerable effort spent on protecting value. However, at HSE International we believe that risk is also a creator of value and, approached in the right way, can play a unique role in driving business performance. Organizations are under constant pressure to find new ways to create a competitive advantage. The challenge is that almost all the paths to achieve this competitive advantage also create some risk.

At HSE International, we believe that with the right risk management approach, organizations can confidently seize the competitive advantage by balancing opportunities and risk. Leading organizations are strengthening their governance and management of these risks, while at the same time continuing to build relationships that assist in create untapped value. We believe organizations can use risk management to not only protect value but to power performance. HSE International can guide you on that journey.

We help clients recognize the opportunity for risk is also to create value.

HSE International brings a business mind-set combined with deep technical HSE knowledge and extensive industry experience.

Risk Profiling 


HSE International recognises that a critical aspect of a safety management system is identifying, assessing and controlling hazards and risks. Our risk profiling methodology can help your organization develop a better understanding of your unique risk exposure – from the top down as well as from the bottom up.

Mental Health and Wellbeing 


Our approach to mental health and wellbeing is risk-based and holistic. We target all levels of the organization through validated assessments and surveys against better practice frameworks. Our experts work with clients to help them assess, co-design and implement innovative strategies, initiatives, and programs based on leading research and industry and sector insights. We believe a risk-based approach allows organizational strategies and programs to be most effective by targeting the areas that matter most. A risk-based approach allows us to tailor our solutions to best meet the needs of your organization, putting your people at the centre of every solution.

Assessment and Inspections


We can analyze your safety management systems, processes and culture using industry standards and safety objectives, creating a business case for improvement and a plan for change. We offer internal audits, compliance audits, site inspections, and self-insurance audits. We can also assist in preparing certification, conduct domestic and international HSE standard gap analyzes, assess management systems, and design and implement policies and procedures.



HSE International’s safety investigation team conduct investigations into critical events and allegations of bullying and harassment to mitigate risks of criminality and to offer advice on preventing reoccurrences. Our team is well known in the market and is frequently employed to perform work under legal privilege to identify the root causes of HSE incidents. We also specialize in ICAM investigations and support

Capability Assessment and Monitoring 


At HSE International we have partnered up with Safe365 enabling us to easily and visually measure our clients' performance and engagement internally. This innovative, intelligent, cloud-based web application also allows our clients to assess, improve and monitor OHS capability, provide a roadmap for improvement, and provide a detailed investigation report with conclusions and recommendations.​

For more information about our risk management programs, select CONTACT US below or call toll free on 866 337 4734 to arrange an appointment with one of our experienced team members today.

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