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In-house and Remote Training

Our professional training team travels throughout Canada and internationally to deliver industry-leading courses in your organisation. Our courses can be deliverable both in-house and remotely, with a select range uniquely available to you that aren’t offered publicly.

As a certified training institution, our trainers have vast experience and cover a range of industries so the training is always appropriate to your business. Inhouse courses have become sought after by organizations, as it allows for the course to be tailored and optimised to a specific audience, a company’s business processes and its internal culture.


We offer personalised guidance and course design along in collaboration with our clients to deliver targeted and relevant training outcomes. Depending on the topic and the learning experience sought by the client, courses can also be delivered in collaboration with the client to support their learning objectives. Courses can either be designed as stand-alone trainings or as part of a learning journey, combining different learning formats. In either case, we can co-design the courses with our clients and leveraging our technology, trainers experience and HSE International’s subject matter experts to ensure knowledge retention and student engagement. Inhouse courses accommodates various types and sizes of audiences, and most can also be delivered via our zoom if required.


Other than our ICAM training - all assessment are conducted progressively throughout each course so there is no homework or external work to complete. For many organizations, especially those in remote locations, on-site training provides an extremely cost-effective group training solution.


We help clients recognize the opportunity for training is also to create value.


HSE International brings a business mind-set combined with deep technical HSE knowledge and extensive industry experience.

The testimonials speaks for themselves...

“The group or teamwork allows for questioning others and perception as to how they see or interpret information, helps my learning curve

Choose from our training topics below


With OHS legislation changing constantly, stakeholders in every organization must be efficient, knowledgeable, and put the safety of their employees above all else. These courses provide a thorough understanding of the relevant provincial or state OHS legislation and walk through the duties, rights and responsibilities of both workers and employers.


HSE International’s ICAM courses will help you understand and apply the ICAM root cause investigation methodology. ICAM investigators are a valuable asset in any organization seeking to maximize learning from adverse events to avoid recurrences and reduce future risks.

For more information about our training courses, select CONTACT US below or call toll free on 866 337 4734 to arrange an appointment with one of our experienced team members today.

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